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Roy Chacon, (from the Missoulian article featuring Cookie Hanson & Tour de Faux)
“It’s not hard to tell a professional from a do-it-yourself job”, said Roy Chacon, an owner of Montana Stone Gallery. The Chacon family hired Hanson to do a number of different finishes inside their newly built home, and it won first place in the 2005 Parade of Homes, he noted. Hanson gave Chacon’s home office an application that looks like animal skin, and covered one of the powder rooms in a finish that looks like antique wallpaper. She even balanced atop a 35-foot-high scaffold to reproduce Michelangelo’s famed “hand of God” scene on the Chacon’s ceiling.In all, Hanson covered roughly 3,000 square feet of surface, Chacon said. “It was definitely worth the money,” he said. “When you build a house that big you want to make sure you get the best. You can tell when people cut corners. It comes down to, it’s really not even about the money, it’s about making sure you get the best.”
Catherine C. Capps, M.D.
Cookie has “copperized” my kitchen ceiling with an immediate quantum leap in visual impact.  The warm glow really enhances that old world feeling we were going after.  Additionally, she did my hall with toile lace above and Venetian plaster below in warm terra cotta and stone tones.  It looks marvelous in the adjacent space, “pulling” the copper tones and also the tones of our Travertine and Limestone arches and floors.  The hallway is now palatial! (Catherine C. Capps, MD)
Budget Blinds, Missoula, MT
Working with Cookie was a sheer delight. She helped inform us on all the different possibilities for our walls.  Our showroom is a work of art because of Tour de Faux.  Thanks.  (Budget Blinds, Missoula, MT)
Stacy Kendrick
Cookie: The work that you do is out of this world.  I think Jeff said it best when he said its art and not just paint on walls.  You transform ordinary walls into something fantastic.  In addition to your artistic abilities, you are so enjoyable to have around the house.  You are meticulous, clean and extremely fair.  Thanks for helping us turn our home into something magnificent.  (Stacy Kendrick)
Laurie McGree
Gregory and Cookie,
I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I appreciated that Cookie designed the class specifically around our needs and wishes.  It was a great workspace and relaxed atmosphere.  It was wonderful that Cookie allowed us to jump out of the box, since that is the way she works best, also.  It was helpful that she shared little tips that have made her successful.  I loved seeing all her work.  I will definitely take more classes from Cookie as my work schedule allows.  Thank you, Laurie McGree

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